Pawz & Pepper Donut Cuddle Bed

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The Pawz & Pepper Donut Cuddle Bed is a great place for your cat or small dog to sleep and relax comfortably. The soft padding makes this bed an ideal relaxation zone.
The “donut” name comes from the round shape of this bed, featuring a lowered area in the middle and a high circular edge. Instead of a hole, the middle of the Pawz & Pepper Donut Cuddle Bed features a soft laying surface that is particularly comfortable and cosy. The bed also features a high border that is softly padded and makes the perfect place for your pet to rest its head and feel at peace. The underneath of the bed is water-resistant plastic, which makes it non-slip. This ensures the Pawz & Pepper Donut Cuddle Bed stays perfectly in place.

Pawz & Pepper Donut Cuddle Bed at a glance:

  • Round cuddle bed for cats and small dogs
  • Padded border: with structured upholstery cover
  • Water-resistant, anti-slip base
  • Soft laying surface: integrated cushion with plush cover and padding
  • Made in the EU
  • Care instructions: entire bed machine washable at 30°C
  • Colour: upper side grey, base black
  • Material:
    • Upper and filling: 100% polyester
    • Base: plastic (waterproof)
  • Dimensions:
    • Total: diameter 45 x (H) 14cm
    • Laying surface: diameter 30cm
    • Border thickness: approx. 8cm
    • Base thickness: approx. 5cm
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