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Trust and honesty

We value trust and honesty and we give our 200% to providing the highest level of service by doing the right thing. We are committed to giving our best to exceed our clients’ expectations and to give them the best quality in everything we do; from our services to the products that we offer.

At Pawsmart, we strive to deliver the best products with the best service – and we want to become even better. Happy customers are always our #1 priority, and our team members are passionate about finding new ways to wow both pet owners and the industry at large. Building loyalty and good relationships with our customers is a must. The company exists to give the best price without compromising the quality and to make each transaction experience easy, safe and
accessible to online buyers. Our goal is to give our customers the best online shopping experience by giving them the best price and making each transaction easy, fast, and secured.

We live by four codes of conduct; Integrity, Excellence, Commitment, Teamwork, Empathy and Trust. The Code helps Caterpillar employees put our values and principles into action every day by providing detailed guidance on the behaviors and actions that support our values of Integrity, Excellence, Teamwork, Commitment, Teamwork, Empathy and Trust.

– Integrity is the foundation of our company. We want those whom we work with to be
assured that they can rely on us and our product.

– The force of excellence. We set ambitious targets and accomplish them. The quality of
our products and services is a reflection of our commitment to serving those who have
placed their trust in us.

– We are embracing our duties. We make meaningful commitments individually and
collectively — first to each other, and then to those with whom we work, live, and serve.

– Understanding and considering the feelings and perspective of others when collaborating
with colleagues, handling projects, and dealing with the community. Inside the company,
empathy helps with management and collaboration by helping to understand the other
person’s perspective.

– Being consistently reliable and honest with teammates, clients, and partners. Every
interaction is an opportunity to build relationships and nurture trust.
The words in this Code of Conduct define us. Despite our differences, we are one, one company united by these common principles with a shared commitment to the highest standards of conduct. we envision a work environment all can take pride in, a company others respect and  admire and a world made better by our actions. This Code of Conduct applies to the daily activities of employees of Pawsmart. At Pawsmart, we take pride in what we do and what we
make possible – from the quality of our products and services to the people who stand behind them